Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Response from Mountain Ridge Adventure

Mountain Ridge Adventure would like to first and foremost take this opportunity to thank all essential personnel for their hard work in helping navigate this unprecedented crisis.  We also want to give our condolences for all those affected by the pandemic.

As an outdoor business with the easy ability to physically distance and with an entire business model built around “safety”.

We have implemented a safety and sanitation protocol to mitigate risk for our guests and staff. The Park is “reservation only” and with limited numbers per tour. Only families or groups of friends who schedule a tour together will be permitted to start a course at one time. All subsequent groups will “stay a complete platform behind” as protocol for physical distancing.

Historically we have always provided the use of gloves as part of your adventure fee. “We unfortunately will no longer be providing gloves for your safety” (even though they were always washed daily and a clean pair given to every guest). We will have gloves available for purchase or guests may bring their own gloves.

All equipment and gear is “sanitized between every use” to ensure each guest has a clean set. We have also installed “additional hand sanitizer stations” throughout the park.

All staff has completed COVID-19 best practices “safety training” and is wearing PPE in supportive situations.

Our park is family-run. For years you have trusted us with the “safety and well-being of your family” with ours. We want everyone to feel safe enjoying nature and it is our goal to make that happen.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 518-227-1058 or


The Mountain Ridge Adventure Family