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A popular saying from Seth Godin reads that ‘if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try’. Yes, if you are an adventure lover with a thirst towards nature, excitement, fun, or a nerve challenging experience, you came to the right place at Zip Line Adventure courses. Have you ever thought of traveling from one tree top to another tree with ease, freedom, mixed with a spirit of excitement and challenge?  Mountain Ridge Adventure is here to teach you as a Zipline Park in NY that not only fun and adventure is the primary motive, but your safety is above all things our concern as well.  We are located in Glenville, in proximity for your fun loving experience.  This town is the home for many parks and preserves in Schenectady, and we are here to take you up to a height that you might not have imagined earlier. Are you worried about your safety? No need, we will take you to the top of a Zipline treetop with all the appropriate safety and most advanced harnesses called SmartSnap safety devices.

Mountain Ridge Adventure is the Capital Region’s new treetop challenge course and zip line park. Come traverse obstacles from tree to tree 50’ in the air,  located on the top of a 1,000’ mountain, or for those not up for the challenge course, enjoy our zip line course down a 500’ long gorge.

Whatever you call it:

There is nothing like a day in a Ziplining Park, and it is true that this adventure trip is called by different names. Irrespective of whether you call it a high ropes trip, canopy tour or an aerial adventure Park, we are here to take you to a place where birds alone can fly. We can promise you that you will never experience nature the way you will experience it at Zipline Parks at Mountain Ridge Adventure. Note that our guides will also always be with you on your adventure trip so that you have the support you need to make it a safe and enjoyably adventure.

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Celebrate the occasion:

If you are planning a birthday party or any type of group activity, why not make it a fun filled adventure at our Zipline Park in Glenville.   If he/she is an adventure lover, then lets take this birthday or event to another level, and let it be an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime. More importantly, if you or your friends are a little timid about adventure, you and your group will feel safe and enjoy traveling from one tree to another with all the safety gears that we provide before your adventure begins.

Comfortable clothing when you come to our zipline park:

Our Zipline Park in Troy is an adventure like no other. We recommend that you arrive to the park with comfortable clothing and a right pair of shoes so you can tackle the course with safety. Make sure to tell your group of people to do the same so that you and your friends can make the tree top trips even more enjoyable and fun-filled. We arrange group zip line parties, and we can assure you that each person in your group will enjoy the experience and joy of visiting the heights of nature and our tree tops.   Also, make sure that you come with closed toe shoes, and shoes that grip well to your foot and floor beneath you.

Some recommendations:

Don’t forget that you will be high off the ground in a natural environment. At our zipline park, we will tell you to pay complete attention to your guide who’s primary task is to make sure that you are adhering to all the safety measures, and to inspire you, and allow you to have a great time. The guide will tell you everything right from how to fix the helmet to how to safely enjoy the adventurous trip. We recommend that if you are not clear about anything related to the Zip Line Park,  then just get the attention of your guide so they can get your concerns clarified. Even, if you feel some of the instructions are silly, just make sure to listen to them, as our guides are experienced in organizing these trips, and have provided these safety measures many times to insure your adventure.

Individuals under the influence of drugs, alcohol are not going to be admitted on the Zip lining park grounds.  We also recommend that you schedule or confirm your visit with us as early as possible so that we will make the appropriate arrangement, and check whether the particular date or dates on which you are planning to visit us is available at our Zipline Park.  We look forward to making this experience a safe, and adventurous time.

Come and let our park at Mountain Ridge Adventure take you to a new world that has so far been explored by only a few humans!